Anna Song: She Has The Music In Her

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Anna Song: She Has The Music In Her

The camera work is "nervous" and jerky, but this is a raw, unedited video that a video editor cut to make it flow smoother. It's also a very hot scene of a pretty girl masturbating.

Anna Song lives in Paris and loves it. She and the city are a good fit. An accomplished musician, Anna plays guitar and loves rock, blues and jazz. She doesn't model anymore and holds a regular job.

We wanted Anna to join a SCORE Group photo shoot in The Bahamas but the usual visa issues put an end to that dream. The project eventually was completed as Big Boob Paradise.

Anna was a great model. She was living in Russia when our photo team originally filmed her. She relocated to France where she was photographed again. While Anna was, and always will be, the main attraction, the Paris setting was much better than the location of her first shoot. Read More »
Featuring: Anna Song
Date: September 7th, 2021
Duration: 27:57

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