When Autumn-Jade Met Lilith: The Video

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When Autumn-Jade Met Lilith: The Video

"I had all female teachers in high school," said Autumn-Jade. "I was 17 when I went on my first date. My dad kept me inside. The first guy I went out with was the first guy I eventually slept with." Autumn became a dancer when she was 18. She was 20 when she first posed for SCORE in London.

When Autumn-Jade and Lilith met for the first and only time at The SCORE Group building, a bra show in the dressing room was first on their to-do list. They admired each other in the mirror and got really horny for each other. Then the sucking and licking began. Autumn was 24. Lilith was 23.

"I like Lilith. We had fun making this. I've become more assertive since my original girl-girls in London," Autumn said at the time. "Autumn has a sweet-tasting pussy. I should know! I went down on her!" added Lilith. Read More »
Featuring: Autumn-Jade and Lilith
Date: October 4th, 2022
Duration: 01:03:36

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