Bonnie Banks' Big Mountains

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Bonnie Banks' Big Mountains

Tit-men first saw Bonnie Banks's big, natural boobs in the June 1995 edition of Voluptuous magazine. She was the covergirl and the centerfold.

As her modeling name indicated loud and proud, Bonnie was a 20-year-old Scottish lass with a curvy, shapely body and pretty face. She looks older than 20 because of the glamour makeup the stylist gave her. Not slim and not heavy, Bonnie's body was the perfect Voluptuous ideal.

She met photographer John Graham during a visit to England. He saw her potential, chatted her up and she made the decision to try men's mag modeling. John directs her every step of the way.

The masturbation part is how a lot of newbies used to do it at first, with eyes closed, mainly from shyness at doing a private act they only do at home. This was over 20 years ago and society was not as sexualized as it is today and most girls were not nearly as bold and exhibitionistic as they are today. Read More »
Featuring: Bonnie Banks
Date: August 2nd, 2016
Duration: 27:35

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