Bonnie Banks Gets Her Boobs Out In The Bahamas

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Bonnie Banks Gets Her Boobs Out In The Bahamas

The editor of June 1995 Voluptuous magazine believed that covergirl and centerfold Bonnie Banks was the ideal Voluptuous woman: "She has just enough curves in all of the right places. Scotland may be a small country but its women sure have some pretty big peaks."

This video was shot in The Bahamas in February, 1995. The videographer follows Bonnie around after they take a boat to a quiet area. She plays with her beautifully-shaped big tits on a beach towel. She plays with her tits by the boat. She plays with her tits in the water. And she plays with her bushy pussy. You can see the fair-skinned Scottish lass start to get sunburned too, especially her back.

When the cameraman checked his tape later on, he discovered a problem with the camera's audio. However the rare footage was too good to discard, and Bonnie did very little video, so here it is minus an audio track. Read More »
Featuring: Bonnie Banks
Date: September 3rd, 2019
Duration: 18:19

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