Bozena masturbates in her car

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Bozena masturbates in her car

The Czech name Bozena means "Blessed One." Bozena is certainly blessed with a pair of heavy, delicious-looking tits. Bozena was named after the famous Czech poetess Bozena of the 19th century who promoted the importance of Czech women in maintaining Czech traditions as well as the Czech language.

Green-eyed G-cupper Bozena and the photographer drove to an empty field, with few people and even fewer cars around, so they could have the privacy this shoot required. We usually filmed Bozena in Prague or Spain. This video was shot in 2004 in Germany.

"Most of the time, I am covered when I go outside in Prague," Bozena said. She had a huge following in Voluptuous magazine. "If I wear sexy blouses, then the men make many comments and come over to me. They try to get me to meet them later. If I walk down the street, they make loud remarks. Only when making pictures do I dress sexy." Read More »
Featuring: Bozena
Date: November 7th, 2023
Duration: 38:50

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8 months ago 

A Bozena video I don't think was ever released.

She's pretty much my favourite Score Universe woman of all time.

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