Haley Hills Shares Rubber Cock With Brittany Love

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Haley Hills Shares Rubber Cock With Brittany Love

Award-winning exotic dancer Brittany Love moonlights as a traveling saleswoman. Haley Hills (aka Tabatha Jordan, aka Debbie Jointed) is her customer. Miss Love lugs a suitcase filled with Doc Johnson products. These items are for women who need to cum a lot. The gizmos come in handy when they have no man to give them the hard salami. Haley and Brittany make good use of the toys.

The wisdom of a woman selling vibrators and strap-ons door-to-door at night is not for us to question. There is an obvious need for this kind of sales force. Haley rubs cream on Brittany's nipples, then licks it off. She undresses and takes off Brittany's panties, revealing her clit piercing. "I call it my directional aid," Brittany explained. "It shows you exactly where my clit is." This skit was ahead of its time. Technology has caught up to SCORE fantasies. There are sex toys on the market that have a GPS tracker.

This scene was a two-man, two-camera shoot. The editor uses a split-screen technique to show… Read More »
Featuring: Brittany Love and Haley Hills
Date: March 28th, 2023
Duration: 31:19

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5 months ago 

Very sexy and hot girls with nice pussy-

8 months ago 

I especially love these petite, glamorous, busty beauties.

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