Brittany Love & Mary Carey

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Brittany Love & Mary Carey

"I like girl-girl because it gives me something to fantasize about, you know?" said Mary Carey. "With a strap-on, I get to imagine it being a penis. Some girls just have normal pussy lips, but I have these big outer lips that cover them, so it's like these secret little pussy lips inside. I've seen so many pussies now, I've become a pussy specialist."

Brittany Love was an award-winning exotic dancer. She was Big-Bust Entertainer of the Year 2003 at the Exotic Dancer Expo and SCORE's go-to action girl for pussy-to-pussy play. Brittany got it on with Haley Hills, Dawn Stone, Deanna Baldwin and, in this scene, Mary Carey.

Mary once flunked an IQ test on the Howard Stern radio show and cleaned his toilet with her long hair. Brittany retired from adult entertainment and has a nine-to-five job these days. Read More »
Featuring: Brittany Love and Mary Carey
Date: June 11th, 2024
Duration: 39:46

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