Exotic Dancer Secrets

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Exotic Dancer Secrets

If you were visiting strip clubs during the Big '90s, you probably saw this popular exotic dancer. Candee Apples (sometimes called Candy Apples) traveled the USA and Canada as a feature dancer, part of that elite class of dancers who owned elaborate, expensive stage costumes. Wisconsin-based Candee also served as a host at Fan Fair, a meet-and-greet event held during the Gentlemen's Club Owners Expo. She was great friends with many of the top dancers of that decade, such as Alyssa Alps.

This scene was filmed in London in February of 1995 and begins with a very candid interview. Instead of photographing Candee doing one of her stage shows, the studio chose to have her play a sexy but formally dressed businesswoman who gets horny in her book-lined office and finger-masturbates on her desk. This scene was the hottest she ever did on video because sex on-camera with males or females was not for Candee.

One of our cameramen went to the Booby Trap club in Miami to photograph Candee on… Read More »
Featuring: Candee Apples
Date: March 16th, 2021
Duration: 31:51

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