A Girl Named Candy

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A Girl Named Candy

Candy Connelly was spotted by our director of photography in 1998 when he went to a strip club in search of talent. Candy made her living as a house dancer in clubs in the Pompano Beach and West Palm Beach areas, and there were lots of them in the 1990s. It's usually a difficult task to get a stripper, especially house dancers, to pose but he succeeded.

This video begins in a local adult store in Pompano Beach so Candy can look at all the nice products and try on some sexy outfits that will produce erections the next time she gets on stage. Like most adult shops, this place sold dancer wear. Leaving the store, Candy and the photographer continue their shoot in the studio so Candy can get naked, cream her tits and toy-bang her pussy.

Candy said she wanted to try shooting a boy-girl scene, but it never happened. At the time, SCORE was doing live chats at TSG headquarters (in fact, in the office of SCORE's CEO) and Candy did one on August 26, 1998 that included a spread and dildo show.… Read More »
Featuring: Candy Connelly
Date: August 8th, 2023
Duration: 30:14

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