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Cathy's Bouncing Boobs Shag

Featuring: Cathy Patrick
Date: September 11th, 2016
Duration: 31:42
Cathy Patrick is reading a big-tit mag in bed. Mark comes in and the two sex it up in this uncut video with original audio track. Cathy's vigorous bouncing on lucky guy Mark's cock is fantastic. Cathy's big tits fly up and slap her chest when they come down and that's what her director's camera lens focuses on. We hear him happily encouraging her to let her boobs bounce hard and she's happy to let them fly. This is a perfect example of a girl having sex on-camera but not performing as a "porn star." Cathy was a favorite among the photographers for her happy and good-natured personality. She was not a diva and her easygoing character made a day of shooting go smoothly. .

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