The Irish Jiggle

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The Irish Jiggle

The luck of the Irish was with Cathy Patrick when she matured in her teen years and blossomed into a busty colleen with a magnificent pair of big tits.

Here, Cathy shows off some of her sexy dancing skills that were rarely shown on video. When she takes off her black leotard, the show shifts into high gear. The director gets on the floor and shoots straight-up, capturing Cathy's tits in motion, one of the must-get angles for big-bust photographers.

Totally nude, Cathy continues dancing with just some belly dancer-style jewelry on her naked body, jiggling and shaking her heavy mammaries. In the hooter hierarchy, Cathy Patrick must always rate high. We don't know if Cathy ever danced in any strip clubs in the UK. If she did, she must have drawn the breast-men like bees to a flower. Read More »
Featuring: Cathy Patrick
Date: March 4th, 2017
Duration: 33:20

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