Boob Camp With Chaka T.

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Boob Camp With Chaka T.

There are times when we're scheduling SCOREClassics when we wonder if the models will contact us wanting to shoot again. It's a nice fantasy.

Men who see Chaka T. go into what we call boob-shock.

"They're usually intimidated," Chaka told the editors of Voluptuous magazine. "Most guys say they've never been with a woman with such big breasts, which I can definitely believe. I haven't seen many women my size with bigger breasts. Guys are always in awe of them. You can tell from their faces that they're like, 'Oh, my god,' and they want to be muffled and have my breasts in their faces and be up in my boobs. But it's nice to have it that way. I don't know of any woman who doesn't like having attention paid to her breasts."

Filmed with two synchronized cameras, this SCOREClassics video was specially edited to include both perspectives. Chaka is a military recruit and goes through boob camp with a demanding drill sergeant. First, she completes an exercise routine.

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Featuring: Chaka T.
Date: April 5th, 2022
Duration: 42:59

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1 year ago 

Ebony goddess

2 years ago 

She'd still be hot with small breasts.

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