Oil for the Huge Boobs of Chaka T.

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Oil for the Huge Boobs of Chaka T.

When Chaka T. visited SCORELAND, she told us she originally modeled in clothes and bras for newspaper and magazine ads.

"I had to stop because the bras I was fitting into weren't the ones most women were fitting into," Chaka said. "I don't think the average woman could look at me in a bra and think, 'That's what I would look like if I bought that bra.' So bra modeling, at least for normal stores, was out for me. Besides, I like the idea of people seeing all of me, not just one part of me."

Chaka developed early. "I got a lot of attention and had no trouble attracting guys at parties. You know, young guys especially are fascinated by large breasts. And I like to party, so I had a great time. I was a real hit on the dance floor."

We had two photographers shoot this split-screen scene to capture different angles. Read More »
Featuring: Chaka T.
Date: October 24th, 2023
Duration: 33:26

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