Chaz & Hannah Callow

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Chaz & Hannah Callow

An 11 minute edited version of this Chaz and Hannah Callow video was added to Bosom Buddies #6, an all-girl series. This version is straight off the original tape and runs 28 minutes. The bit with the scale was a nice touch.

Chaz was a regular office employee who took the bus to work when she started modeling at SCORE. She was photographed at SCORE's London studio on weekends and her days off. In Miami, SCORE's CEO was impressed by Chaz and invited her to appear in On Location Key Largo, filmed in Florida. Her co-stars were an international cast: Lorna Morgan, Kerry Marie and Chloe Vevrier. This DVD is still one of the bestsellers at

Chaz left modeling after Key Largo. We were saddened but eventually had to move on. Chaz's career was way too short considering all the opportunities she would have had and rightfully deserved. Read More »
Featuring: Chaz and Hannah Callow
Date: December 1st, 2020
Duration: 28:04

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