SaRenna Lee & Chloe Vevrier: Les Girls

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SaRenna Lee & Chloe Vevrier: Les Girls

Chloe Vevrier and SaRenna Lee dance the dance of Lesbian sex in a classic girl-girl in London. Two of the all-time greatest SCORE stars, they needed very little direction, if any at all. Continuing from SaRenna's solitary toy masturbation video, this scene begins with Chloe spying through a bedroom window on a masturbating SaRenna. No sex toys are used; fingers and tongues will do just fine.

"I love my big tits and I love other girls' big tits," said SaRenna who certainly loved Chloe's natural marvels. "They're lots of fun. I love everything about big tits. They're just so voluptuous and pretty and feminine, and they really separate the sexes. The larger they are, the better, don't you think?"

Chloe and SaRenna each did many girl-girls for SCORE and Voluptuous during the 1990s, and they brought a graceful, sensual, eroticism to their scenes. Their moves were almost dance-like, balletic. Read More »
Featuring: Chloe Vevrier and SaRenna Lee
Date: November 30th, 2021
Duration: 33:57

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