Crystal Gunns Talks the Talk

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Crystal Gunns Talks the Talk

Many girls are silent when they do a masturbation video. Crystal Gunns became a sexy talker on video very quickly. She is non-stop in this scene and has great rapport with the camera. It was her second video. The teasing and titillation is off-the-charts. She repeatedly urges the viewer to jerk off for her while she pours white lotion on her big tits and fucks her pussy with a lubed dildo. As a talented exotic dancer, she had the experience to easily become a video star.

Crystal telephoned the SCORE office the day this video was originally uploaded to SCORELAND. We always suspected she had psychic powers.

As an entertainer, when meeting the audience, Crystal had her likes and dislikes when someone approached her. Brandy Talore felt the same way.

"Say something like, 'Wow, you're really beautiful' or 'You have some special features that look really good on you.' Don't say 'Nice tits' or 'Nice rack.' I hate that. Some of my fans say to me, 'I know you don't like when I say that.'… Read More »
Featuring: Crystal Gunns
Date: April 16th, 2024
Duration: 33:10

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