Poolside Pussy Play With Two Legends

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Poolside Pussy Play With Two Legends

Danni Ashe and Chloe Vevrier are in Palm Springs, California and the game plan was for them to get very chummy and as close as two bosom buddies could possibly get. That took exactly no urging and there was no hesitancy on their part to whip out their long tongues. Both busty morsels were specialists in pussy licking and breast play. They love the female body, the feel, the scent and the taste. Danni started their carnal coupling but Chloe was the physically dominant one, as she almost always was in her Lesbian scenes.

Danni always thought big. She was a pioneer in mail order, and when she moved to the web, she was one of the female pioneers in the adult entertainment part of the web. In 2001, Danni told Frontline: "I think what I'm doing is helping to reverse some of the sexual repression that we have in this country about nudity and about sex. And I'm not a psychiatrist, but it seems to me, the more you repress your sexual feelings, the more they're going to pop up somewhere else… Read More »
Featuring: Chloe Vevrier and Danni Ashe
Date: October 9th, 2018
Duration: 41:06

Member Comments

2 years ago 
Diese beiden Naturschönheiten hätte man meiner Meinung viel öfter zusammen filmen sollen!
2 years ago 
WooHoo, great! Thanks for locating and posting!
Chloe said once how much she liked working with Danni, complimenting her on always being "perfectly wet."
2 years ago 
Could you please post the unedited version of Danni & Chloe's video that matches BustyDanni's The Black & The Gold photoset? Shot on a bed in your London studio. The one where Chloe slips a couple of fingers into Danni as she's bringing her to the verge of orgasm. Thx
2 years ago 
Wonderful! Danni and Chloe are my faves, w LDM coming in third. Please, more unedited videos of these two!
3 years ago 
Chloe Vevrier and Danni Ashe are not only representative of beautiful busty models from the 1990s to beginning of 21st century,
they are existence which can be forgotten forever in the future,
in that sense they are true legends. Also on this site, which advocated retro-porn, it can be said that they are the 2 big boobs stars.
I love them equally, but I like preference, for pussy Chloe's W/ big clitoris, for boobs Danni's W/ huge pinkish areola.
I would like to suck Danni's nipples and Chloe's clitoris eternally !!

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