Ultimate Dawn Stone Uncut

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Ultimate Dawn Stone Uncut

After she super-sized her tits and sailed on the fourth Boob Cruise in 1998, Dawn Stone appeared in just one hardcore SCORE scene, and this is it. Porn dude Shawn has the distinction of getting to bone Dawn on-camera and pop on her huge boobs. Countless SCORE fans would have sold their souls to take his place.

Dawn's preference was for solo shoots and rubbing tits and clits with other SCORE Girls so this scene was a special event. It's the third chapter of the DVD Ultimate Dawn Stone, and Dawn's many fans made it a bestseller in 2001 and beyond.

Dawn could have easily travelled to California and had Los Angeles porn producers eating out of her lovely hand but knocking out videos in porn factories wasn't this small town girl's speed. She preferred the quiet life in North Carolina and her regular visits to SCORE.

The split screen technique in this SCOREClassics.com posting uses both cameras. Read More »
Featuring: Dawn Stone
Date: July 4th, 2023
Duration: 28:02

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