Devon Daniels & Lisa Phillips: Great Mammaries

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Devon Daniels & Lisa Phillips: Great Mammaries

Grand Exuma Cay, Bahamas. Late July, 1988. This was Devon's first assignment. Lisa had just been photographed in England for the first time, but only topless. Lisa is an Amazon at 5'11" and tiny Devon was 5'1" without heels.

SCORE CEO John Fox, then the editor of Gent magazine, remembered that week as if it were yesterday. He and big-bust specialist photographer John Graham set up the shoots.

"The Tropical House was actually a 20-acre estate that we rented for two weeks on Great Exuma Cay. It was the first of our many trips to the Bahamas Out Islands and when we first fell in love with the island chain as a photo location.

"It was July of 1988 and, as fate would have it, two of the greatest all-natural busters of all-time had been discovered in the same month.

"Devon Daniels was photographed for the first time on Great Exuma and, though Lisa Phillips had done a little pro posing in England for a couple of weeks leading up to this island trip, this was her first major… Read More »
Featuring: Devon Daniels and Lisa Phillips
Date: June 10th, 2017
Duration: 21:48

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5 years ago 
what hot couple devon and lisa

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