Dolly with a Hot Mouth

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Dolly with a Hot Mouth

Pretty woman Dolly comes home from work to a messy bedroom with her clothes all over the place. She'd rather change into something sexy and put on a show with lots of dirty talking, bouncing, dildo play and eye-contact.

Dolly's voice and the things she says in the video has inspired favorable comments from fans.

"I like toys. I own a dildo, a vibrator and a strap-on--just in case. I loved rolling around the bed in my SCORE video. Doing it in front of a camera made me more excited than I've ever felt. I felt hornier because everyone was watching me. I wanted to be sexier and look sexier than I'd ever been before. I think people can tell when a girl is just going through the motions in a video." Read More »
Featuring: Dolly
Date: November 29th, 2022
Duration: 35:57

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