Germany's Voluptuous Bra-buster

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Germany's Voluptuous Bra-buster

Effie Balconi traveled to London from Germany for a series of shoots. German girls with Effie's figure are still hard to find even today.

Effie did everything from solos to girl-girls to hardcore with porn performers and she relished being in the spotlight.

Effie (sometimes her name was spelled Effi) sported a thick thatch of pussy hair that attracted the guys who hated the shaved or trimmed look that was gaining popularity as the 1990s moved on.

"I've always been hairy," Effie said. "I like it. The men in my life say they like to see me like this. When I don't shave, I get a scent, like musk. Some of them tell me they love this and it makes them harder when they lick and kiss my pussy." Read More »
Featuring: Effie Balconi
Date: August 15th, 2017
Duration: 36:18

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