Europe DiChan: Boss Of Boobs

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Europe DiChan: Boss Of Boobs

Europe DiChan was called the ultimate entertainer by many Boob Cruisers who sailed with her on four Cruises (1994, '95, '97 and '98). Her stage performances traditionally closed the exotic dancing section of the Boob Cruise festivities. She was also in charge of the models on two Cruises, a sort of boss of big boobs, tasked with seeing that everything went smoothly.

Europe traveled the world doing stage shows and her agility and moves were top-notch. She partnered for a time with Casey James as "The Cookie Connection" and the flips and splits they did in tandem were astonishing.

On stage, Europe liked audience participation. She would give small flashlights to guys in the audience and have them shine them on her while she danced. Another popular routine was to give them paint so they could decorate her body. Europe would bring a portable shower on-stage and wash up. Of course, she would also pull a guy's head into her cleavage. Like most features, she would take instant photos with… Read More »
Featuring: Europe Di Chan
Date: December 6th, 2016
Duration: 30:38

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