Penelope Pumpkins & Extacy: Big Tit Girls In Heat

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Penelope Pumpkins & Extacy: Big Tit Girls In Heat

Penelope Pumpkins is a make-up artist attending to Extacy for a photo shoot. They get turned on and make out with each other using fingers, toys and tongues. The tape includes the girls talking before the action and Penelope asking the cameraman/director where to secure her eyeglasses so they're not damaged during the action.

The contrast of blonde and brunette makes for a good pairing. Penelope was much bigger in the chest than Extacy and more experienced on-camera. They have chemistry and they're very handy with a gigantic cock-dildo with balls. This kind of toy play needs a director to be alert so the pussy penetration isn't blocked by a model's hand or leg (or a big boob). Once Penelope and Extacy get going, they know exactly what to do and how to do it. Read More »
Featuring: Extacy and Penelope Pumpkins
Date: August 31st, 2021
Duration: 37:30

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