Fantastic Fantasia

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Fantastic Fantasia

As far as we know, Fantasia never took the hardcore path. She did some non-sex, erotic wrestling with men. Fantasia liked playing with girls--she and redheaded vixen Sana Fey got very cuddly on the Boob Cruise in 1997--and Fantasia's toy masturbation could be as horny as hardcore with a stud. The photographer didn't sit in a chair fifteen feet away for this video. He got on the floor and shot hot close-ups of Fantasia's pussy with and without a toy.

Fantasia always had a gleam in her eyes and a smile on her lips. She looked like she was in the moment in her scenes, not just going through the motions. A tall, statuesque girl at 5'10" and 125 pounds, Fantasia had her 42G-cup bras custom-made, loved travelling and photo shoots. Sometimes she was blonde, other times a redhead. Her voice was whispery and sexy and her personality off-camera was sweet.

Before getting into photo-modeling, Fantasia was an exotic dancer in Atlanta, Georgia. "I religiously stick to a morning workout routine of… Read More »
Featuring: Fantasia
Date: November 8th, 2022
Duration: 53:42

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1 year ago 

Amazing ! This has been one of my favorite video for years ! Thanks Score !

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