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Gabi Graduates Somma Cum Loud

Featuring: Gabi
Date: September 29th, 2020
Duration: 23:57
This video showcasing Voluptuous German Gabi begins with the classic theme of a girl returning to her bedroom with a bag of lingerie to try on. Gabi begins by taking off her shoes and her dress. She moves quickly, too quickly and that's when director of photography John rushes onto the set in what is one of the funniest moments ever recorded. Instead of stopping the taping, John keeps the camera rolling. This part was cut in the editing room but here it is intact at Gabi is moving too fast, in too much of a rush to get undressed. Her command of English is very limited so John uses pantomime and body language to let Gabi know that she needs to slow down and how to move seductively. He mimics her quick moves, making Gabi laugh, and then plays model himself, even putting a bra around himself to show her how to put it on for the camera as she watches with an amused look. So you think photographing big-bust girls is a snap? Gabi understands John's non-verbal instructions and restarts her bra scene, then eventually strips down to her black stockings and masturbates. A girl-next-door type, Gabi was discovered by a reader.

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