Ginger & Kathy: The Pussy Posse

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Ginger & Kathy: The Pussy Posse

Russian Kathy emigrated to the UK in the late 1990s. Ginger was a busty American stripper referred to us by her agent. "I want to dance as much as I can, save my money and then go back and finish college," Ginger told SCORE's editor. We don't know if that happened.

Ginger and Kathy were paired off in May of 1999. Ginger debuted in April 2000 SCORE magazine. The edited version of this video was a chapter in Bosom Buddies #5. What you're watching is the original, raw video from the tape.

Kathy was always very sexually aggressive with girls and took total charge. That's why she was the go-to girl for Lesbian scenes. One of the few who matched that appetite for pussy was Chloe Vevrier, also a go-to for girl-girl. When it came time to find a woman to conquer newcomer Ginger in a photo shoot and video, Kathy answered the call. Kathy had a thing for Ginger's butthole also, besides Ginger's pussy. Originally, the plan was for Kathy to fuck Ginger with a strap-on cock but it… Read More »
Featuring: Ginger and Kathy
Date: September 8th, 2020
Duration: 31:16

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