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Hot Body Babe Heather Hooters

Featuring: Heather Hooters
Date: May 25th, 2021
Duration: 08:36
"She is easy to talk to, funny and bright," said SCORE fan and Boob Cruise regular D.J. about low-key fan favorite Heather Hooters. "I told her that she has a smile that belongs on television. She's as sweet and nice as she looks." Heather is a SCUBA diver and joined other girls and passengers such as D.J. during Boob Cruise diving excursions at various stops in the Caribbean. Busty Dusty was also a diving enthusiast and joined in. We were disappointed that Heather couldn't attend the final Boob Cruise in 2000. A very quiet girl, Heather turned into a skilled dancing machine when she was on stage. She could be a high-energy whirlwind in her cheerleader routine or more erotic and sensual as she was in this bed set. Among the many reader comments about Heather during her time as a SCORE Girl was that she had a perfect body.

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