Popping Ingrid's Cherry

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Popping Ingrid's Cherry

English flower Ingrid did only one hardcore scene with a guy who used the stage name of Kahlman. Ingrid looked nothing like the popular concept of a porn starlet, with her peaches and cream skin, her fleshy body, big tits and her voluptuous curves. She looked like a country girl dressed up in fancy lingerie.

Kahlman probably felt like he was taking Ingrid's virginity and, in a sense, he did, at least Ingrid's on-camera cherry. Ingrid is passive throughout, enjoying his beef injections. This raw video was made in the spring of 1993, the year Ingrid did most of her photo shoots. The director's voice is heard mostly in the beginning of the scene. What happened at the close of the video was removed before the scene was released on VHS tape. Read More »
Featuring: Ingrid
Date: June 4th, 2019
Duration: 32:11

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