Look Out For Girls Called Jezhabelle

Look Out For Girls Called Jezhabelle

Jezhabelle was dancing at a now-closed strip club called Vegas Cabaret near Fort Lauderdale when one of our contributing photographers and model spotters approached her about posing for The SCORE Group.

Jezhabelle was game for spreading and toys but hardcore was off the table. However, she was good with the photographer touching her on-camera. Jezhabelle never modeled for any other studio, something she easily could have done.

"This guy, Mario, was hanging out in the club I worked in," Jezhabelle said in one of her interviews. "He's one of your talent scouts and a photographer who likes to find girls. Anyways, he was always at the club taking pictures, and he told me, 'With those boobs, I can show them to the guys at Voluptuous,' and I was like, Sure! I like taking pictures. That's why I posed the first time, because I love being in pictures. I'm a picture person. I'm not really an exhibitionist. I just like the attention." Read More »
Featuring: Jezhabelle
Date: January 4th, 2022
Duration: 28:25

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