Germany's Contribution To Big Tits

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Germany's Contribution To Big Tits

Although it was hard to believe and still is, Julia Miles was an 18-year-old German student (born August 11, 1981) when she posed in London. Whether it was the sauerkraut, the strudel or genetics, Julia grew up a brick house. When her pictures arrived in the mail, it didn't take long to answer her, arrange hotel accommodations and send her the plane tickets

Julia always enjoyed her SCORE trips to England but she declined to rent a car and drive because she was nervous about driving on the left side of the road. She's used to driving on the right side of the road in Germany and has driven in different cities since she was 17.

Julia Miles became 2000 SCORE Newcomer of the Year followed by Jessica Justice and Ariana. In 2004, she was voted Model of the Year (for 2003).

What Julia is doing today is unknown. We hope that she and all the girls at SCOREClassics are living their dreams. Read More »
Featuring: Julia Miles
Date: January 25th, 2017
Duration: 32:36

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