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Justine: Curvy Newcomer

Featuring: Justine
Date: February 2nd, 2017
Duration: 32:37
Justine (just "Justine") was a 23-year-old curvy newcomer when she posed in the buff at the end of 1990. She returned two months later in 1991 for a few more shoots, and that was it for this young student. Nude modeling has always drawn nubile young ladies in need of income. Photograph them while they're young is the best philosophy. It applied then, it applies now, it'll apply in the future. Justine was 5'3", had heavy, hanging 38F-cup breasts with large areolas and came from the north of England. Between shoots, she described the kind of man she was looking for. "Someone who has something to say, who can hold my interest, a man who's good at conversation. I'll always remember my first boyfriend. He was older than me and he had a car.

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