Kandi Cox: Las Vegas Bra-buster

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Kandi Cox: Las Vegas Bra-buster

Smoking-hot Kandi Cox was part of the Las Vegas big-bust squad that included Minka and Kayla Kleevage. Minka and Kayla are still active today. Kandi, who made her way to SCORE through Kayla, began her adult entertainment career as an exotic dancer and moved into hardcore with both guys and girls in 2000. A screamer in bed, Kandi was praised for her love of sucking cock and her enjoyment of sex and anal. She is in the moment in her scenes. On-camera, she was aggressive during sex. Kandi fucked hard and liked being fucked hard by big-dicked porn pros like Ron Jeremy. Her hobbies included "riding my 1999 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy and making porn videos." The interview is from 2001.

SCORE: How does a man attract your attention?
Kandi: "By looking self assured."
SCORE: When you look at a man, what part of his body do you examine first?
Kandi: "His hands."
SCORE: How often do you have sex?
Kandi: "I don't count during the day."
SCORE: Do you like to have your tits fucked?
Kandi: "Yes,… Read More »
Featuring: Kandi Cox
Date: January 24th, 2023
Duration: 52:41

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