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Big Tits & Thick Bush

Featuring: Katie
Date: February 10th, 2017
Duration: 26:14
Sexy Brit Katie gyrates and swivels, her tight little body clad in a two-piece outfit that fits her curves perfectly. The photographer's verbal direction can be heard clearly and he's very pleased with her hot moves. She was always a lively, bubbly girl-next-door. Her approachable, charismatic personality was captured by the camera. She was always smiling in her photos and videos. Katie didn't plan to become a nude model and a dabbler in hardcore. "I don't know why I did it. I saw an ad for models, and I was in the neighborhood one day and decided to take a chance." As things would turn out, Katie's pictorials shot in London (and a few from Boob Cruise 1997) were published in SCORE and Voluptuous magazine an amazing sixteen times. .

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August 13, 2018
July 17, 2017
This video is unedited one that listed as"KATIE" in the DVD "BEST OF Voluptuous 2".
Because this is unedited, it is interesting to appreciate her raw expression and character of herself,
it is very precious.Besides,than above edited video, the closeups scenes of her hairy pussy(thick bush pussy)
are recoded for a long time and it is very precious as well.It was better if there were those scenes of her wide spread pussy like those photos of her appearing in
Indeed,Short cut hair natural busty Katie is more sexy than long hair busty beauty.

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