Katt Messina: Get Yourself A College Girl

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Katt Messina: Get Yourself A College Girl

Katt Messina was a college student from Michigan when she posed for SCORE.

"I was very self-conscious about my boobs in high school," said Katt. "I wore baggy clothes and I didn't flaunt them like some girls would have. Today I have no problem. Sometimes my roommate says, when I put on something low-cut, 'You're not leaving the house dressed like that, are you?!' I'm proud of my body now.

"I almost always wear a bra...the support issue, you know. I like low-cut demi bras that hook in the back because they just don't make cute front-hooking bras. I guess I own between 10 and 15 bras at any one time. I like cute-looking bras. Hey, you guys are really serious about your bras, huh? What is it about breasts that fascinate you so much? I thought I had met men who really liked boobs but you guys...." Read More »
Featuring: Katt Messina
Date: October 25th, 2022
Duration: 11:49

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6 months ago 
Preciosa, increíble, gracias.

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