Kayla Kleevage: Ahead of her Curves

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Kayla Kleevage: Ahead of her Curves

Shot in January 1991, this is one of SCORE's earliest videos of Kayla Kleevage, one of the big stars of the super-busty world. The strip club circuit for mega-busty dancers is pretty much finished but Kayla is still going strong with photo shoots, videos and web-shows. She's always been ahead of the curve.

As we wrote a few years ago, "In 2001, Kayla said, 'I will always be around somewhere. You're always going to see something of me. I don't know if it's going to be naked or not or dancing but I'm always going to be around somewhere.'" When social media and webcams became venues for adult models, Kayla jumped right in. She's always been ahead of the curve.

Kayla was raised in Racine, Wisconsin and worked as a bartender there. She relocated to Houston, Texas, at the time, the strip club capital of America, and danced at several clubs. Universal Entertainment, an agency based in New Jersey that eventually represented nearly all of the major big-bust feature dancers, signed her.

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Featuring: Kayla Kleevage
Date: December 20th, 2022
Duration: 22:06

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