Mega-Boob Olympics: Kayla, Minka & Plenty in Toyland

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Mega-Boob Olympics: Kayla, Minka & Plenty in Toyland

Released on DVD in 2002, the Mega-Boob Olympics starred Casey James, Kayla Kleevage, Maxi Mounds, Minka, Plenty UpTopp and SaRenna Lee. This video is the raw, unedited footage of a toy fuck party Kayla, Minka and Plenty had during that bra-busting week. Two cameras were rolling to capture different angles, so it's being shown on SCOREClassics as a split-screen video.

"We had a good time," Kayla said. "We did a three-girl, and we had big strap-on dildos. Minka's was bigger than mine, though, but mine was covered with lipstick because Plenty was sucking on it. She gave me a nice, wet, blowjob! My dildo was nice and big, but it wasn't just long, it was thick! I like big dicks, but this one was huge!

"First I made Plenty suck my dick, and then I got to hold onto one of her pussy lips with my teeth, then I got to stick it in her cookie. "She likes to call it her cookie, and stuff like that. We basically molested her. Fucked her in the pussy and all that good stuff!" Read More »
Date: May 9th, 2023
Duration: 31:04

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