Kelly Madison & Lana Lotts

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Kelly Madison & Lana Lotts

Kelly Madison recommended slinky blonde Lana Lotts to SCORE. Besides photographing them separately, they did a girl-on-girl during their stay. They were a study in contrasts but they made for a steamy coupling.

"Lana Lotts was one of my favorite girls," said Kelly. "I got so horny looking at her luscious body, and I loved it when our tongues were licking each other's pussies. We always came very hard when we were together, and being watched added to our excitement. If I was going to do any girl-girls at SCORE in the beginning, the only girl for me was Lana."

"The best is when the entire mouth is around my nipple," said Lana. "Just suck them. Not too hard or too softly. Medium. If you do it right, I can get off just by having my nipples licked."

Two-camera shoots were popular in the early 2000s, so this presentation uses the split-screen technique to show everything. Read More »
Featuring: Kelly Madison and Lana Lotts
Date: December 19th, 2023
Duration: 42:04

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