Kelly Madison's First SCORE Fuck

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Kelly Madison's First SCORE Fuck

Kelly Madison & her man Ryan fuck in SCORE Xtra 8. The photo set was published in May 2003 SCORE magazine. They went on to create their own web content.

Kelly talked sex at the SCORE studio with editor Dave Rosenbaum.

"I actually have two favorite positions. When I want to be dominant, I like being on top and being able to have my breasts in his face and have him look at me. That gives me a lot of stimulation, knowing that he's looking at me and getting even more turned on.

"When I want to be submissive, I like doggy, because I can turn around and the guy can come from behind and grab my tits as he fucks me, especially if he has long arms."

This scene was shot with two cameras. For this presentation, the tapes were synched. Read More »
Featuring: Kelly Madison
Date: June 4th, 2024
Duration: 32:03

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