Kimberly Kupps: Big Cups

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Kimberly Kupps: Big Cups

One of the dirtiest big-bust girls ever, Kimberly Kupps' level of filth was unassailable but by a very few. She began as one of many American adult entertainers that plugged into the tit craze of the late 1980s. While many of them spent a few years dancing and sometimes doing a few hardcore videos, and moved on, Kimberly is still active today although not at the same intensity of the 1990s.

Blonde, huge boobs, bigger-than-life. Kimberly was and still is built like a brick shithouse--very tall, and taller in her stripper heels--truly Amazonian in dimension. She grew up in a Catholic family and at one time studied for a nursing degree in an all-girls Catholic college but did not graduate.

A late bloomer in adult, Kimberly began shooting hardcore scenes in Los Angeles in 1990 and as time went, nothing was out of bounds in the over 100 take-no-prisoners videos she made. She did interracials and interracial threesomes, anal, anal double-penetrations and gang bangs and once fucked a… Read More »
Featuring: Kimberly Kupps
Date: February 16th, 2017
Duration: 21:33

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