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Private Session with Lilith

In one of her first videos, Lilith is filmed with two cameras. This entire scene is shot in split-screen format.

Lilith was from St. Louis, Missouri and danced in a nude club. "I've been dancing on and off for about five years," Lilith told us in 2001. "I work in a totally nude club. We give lap dances, couch dances and hot tub dances. Basically, a hot tub dance is a regular lap dance in a tub. Guys wear swim trunks and we wear our T-backs. We supply the towels and the boobs!"

Lilith modeled at SCORE on and off for six years. "Her face is so fucking sexy!" a Lilith fan once wrote. "She's Voluptuous perfection, from her tits on down to her shaved pussy!" Read More »
Featuring: Lilith
Date: November 14th, 2023
Duration: 23:46

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