Lili Xene and Jay Sweet: From Twosome To Threesome

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Lili Xene and Jay Sweet: From Twosome To Threesome

America's super-busty Lili Xene (pronounced Zen-ay) teamed with Ireland's Jay Sweet for this scene shot in London that begins as a girl-girl. While they're licking and sucking and fucking each other with big fake cocks, Anthony sees them through a window and joins in. This is a lengthy video, raw and unedited. Nothing has been removed, even the wild camera movements remain. This is how it was through the lens.

These two seem to have landed on Earth from a fantasy planet where super-chesty Amazons are man-pleasing nymphomaniacs who dress in sexy outfits and go at it all day and night.

While a successful feature dancer and porn star (and also a magazine writer in the area of sex and the adult industry), Lili never achieved the fame that Minka, Lisa Lipps and SaRenna Lee did. Her main years in video were from 1992 to 1996, a mix of hardcore, Lesbian, fetish, squirting and assorted non-sex appearances. She began in bondage and S&M videos in 1991.

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Featuring: Lili Xene
Date: March 5th, 2019
Duration: 01:08:00

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