Lesbian Liaison: Lili & Natalia

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Lesbian Liaison: Lili & Natalia

Lili Xene is in bed when the video begins. She begins masturbating and playing with her gigantic tits. There's some hot mirror play. Lili was known as a prolific squirter and seeing is believing in this scene. Natalia enters the bedroom to engage Lili in a Lesbian toys and tongues party. They really go at it.

An American feature dancer and porn star, Lili's main years in video were from 1992 to 1996. She once said she was a virgin until she was twenty. In her personal life, she preferred boyfriends with very big dicks. Her original career choice was nursing...until she began doing bondage and S&M videos in 1991. Lili moved into the big-bust and hardcore porn world not long after. Later on, she house-danced in clubs in the Los Angeles area (Tropical Lei and Sahara), eventually quitting altogether in 2003.

Better known as a fetish performer and domina in Europe, Natalia's solo pictorials, filmed in London, were published several times in SCORE. Read More »
Featuring: Lili Xene and Natalia
Date: November 10th, 2020
Duration: 01:05:45

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