Covergirl Linda: Rubenesque Perfection

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Covergirl Linda: Rubenesque Perfection

On any other web site, the audio of the director guiding Linda every step of the way in this rare scene would have been wiped clean and replaced by music. The 25 minutes of video would have been edited by the video editor to around 15 minutes. He would have definitely cut the moment at 22 minutes when Linda laughs and looks at the camera while she's rubbing her pussy. Here at, though, we like to post the videos as they were shot, straight off the original tapes. This video, like many others of those years, becomes a model training scene when the voice of the director is heard.

Linda, a 21-year-old blonde British nurse who never used a surname during her modeling stint, fit the definition of curvaceous. She'd sent several instant photos of herself to SCORE magazine for the Homebodies section that paid for amateur shots. After the editors looked at the home snaps, they called the London photo studio and asked that Linda come in to shoot for Voluptuous magazine.… Read More »
Featuring: Linda
Date: June 23rd, 2020
Duration: 25:04

Member Comments

1 year ago 

Wow, I can't believe I've JUST discovered this beauty. I've been a Score fan for nearly two decades and had no idea about Linda. She is drop dead GORGEOUS and a BOMBSHELL. The part where she spreads her legs to reveal her hairy juicy pussy makes me go insane. Please post more of her if you can, Score!!

3 years ago 

This is what Score Classics does such a good job at: highlighting great models whose careers were short but who were big favorites for that brief time. Each of LInda's few magazine appearances seemed like it was heaven-sent . . .

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