Bouncing Boobs Part 3: Bare-breasted Brawling

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Bouncing Boobs Part 3: Bare-breasted Brawling

This is what happened in Bouncing Boobs when Linsey Dawn McKenzie, Kerry Marie, Lorna Morgan and Russian Kathy were turned loose in a wrestling ring in 1999. It's hard to believe this was 20 years ago. Kathy gets her kicks in at the start, and she does have some kick.

The first match was Kathy vs. Kerry. The second pitted Lorna against Kerry. Linsey was then matched with Russian Kathy. Then all four dived into the ring.

The ref wanted a training session before more wrestling. A naked training session. Then it was training in boxing. Naked boxing training. Finally, a closing clothes-ripping brawl before the girls hit the showers.

Busty female combat wouldn't return until late 2004 in America when Angela White, Cherry Brady, Brandy Talore and Annie Swanson became the Busty Ladies of Oil Wrestling (B.L.O.W.)

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Date: July 23rd, 2019
Duration: 23:25

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