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Linzi Cassidy: A Freshman From Liverpool

Featuring: Linzi Cassidy
Date: March 26th, 2019
Duration: 36:08
When our London-based photo team first met Linzi Cassidy, she was 18 years old and table dancing in Liverpool at a club called Angel's Paradise. They made her an offer and she traveled to London for her first shoot. On a free night, Linzi said she liked going dancing at the Liverpool music venue Masque on Seel Street. "My Mum has huge breasts, bigger than mine. I think that's where I get my bosom from," naturally busty Linzi said. The blonde stripper was new to playing with toys on-camera but she was a quick learner and listened to direction. Later on, Linzi did girl-girls with Charlotte and Russian Kathy (aka Katarina-Nikita). Here's some trivia about British strip clubs: In the past, when dancers walked around the club looking for tips, before or after a dance on-stage, they carried a pint glass or a jug, because the tips were usually coins (the smallest paper note in the UK is 5 pounds). This practice is, or was, known as "Jugging." This uncut video with original audio is a perfect example of how Linzi and other newcomers were expertly verbally directed in their scenes. Directing a model is a skill.

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