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M.O.R. Than A Woman

Featuring: Lisa Lipps
Date: January 8th, 2019
Duration: 30:30
A good percentage of women walking into their house and finding their boyfriend or husband sprawled out on the couch with a copy of SCORE magazine might take it the wrong way, an affront to their feminine charms. The other percentage might take a "boys will be boys" attitude. A few, like Lisa Lipps, would be excited. Looking through the magazine (November 1993) with her guy, Lisa comes to an ad for the M.O.R. machine, a jack off device for men. It stands for Motorized Orgasmic Release, a "hygienic substitute for sexual intercourse." It costs a whopping $895 for this beer cooler-sized apparatus. Jerking does not cum cheap with this gizmo, not recommended for jacking while driving. Lisa insists that she order one for Michael J. Cox, a busy American porn star who also shot in the UK and the Caribbean for SCORE. When it arrives, she's more excited than he is to have him try it on.

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