Lisa Lipps in Stereo

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Lisa Lipps in Stereo

Lisa Lipps brought her own stud to SCORE for this shoot and several others. Damien Silverton also provided the dick for Sierra and Alexis Amore. During her visit, Lisa talked to SCORE magazine editor Dave Rosenbaum. He asked her if she enjoyed shooting this video.

"I did it with this big cock that was this long and about this big around. Just kidding! But it was big, probably 11 and a half inches long. I took the whole thing. I'm very proud of that. It just barely fit in my mouth, but I went almost all the way down. tried to deep throat it. I like to practice, so I went as deep as I could. There was only about an inch left at the bottom. Probably I swallowed nine. It's something I picked up and have been practicing lately."

Asked about how she practices, Lisa replied, "I find a strange guy that I'm attracted to, take him home and say, 'Hey, can I use your dick as a prop, 'cause I'd really like to learn how to suck dick better.' Lately, I've had this thing for young… Read More »
Featuring: Lisa Lipps
Date: April 25th, 2023
Duration: 34:47

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1 month ago 
No.1 Lisa Lipps the greatest
1 month ago 
love these double camera scenes

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