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When Life Was A Beach

Featuring: Lisa Phillips
Date: July 11th, 2017
Duration: 16:36
Girls pose and go but some girls a guy can't forget. Lisa Phillips was one of them. Publisher John Fox remembered one of his favorite models. "Lisa Phillips' sparsely-furred pussy mound did little to hide her neat slit when we would eventually get around to the more-explicit poses. As a university student, Lisa could only shoot with us during summer break or other school holidays. When she was available, we would try to shoot her as much as we could. She eventually began to lose her baby fat and a little bust mass in the process, but a beautiful Irish woman was emerging. Sadly, Lisa's posing only spanned a few years." Because Lisa only modeled for one photographer, there are not a lot of layouts and videos of this legend. Today, many models will pose for anyone for a paycheck but it was different during those years. .

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