Londa Eve: The Snow White Stripper

Londa Eve: The Snow White Stripper

23-year-old Londa Eve was a stripper in New Orleans when she emailed SCORE's office in 2000. Her skin was snow white, her hair was curly, her pussy was shaved smooth and she had big tits that topped a slim body. Londa was interested in becoming a feature dancer. She knew that magazine exposure is a plus with club owners.

"I was 18, drunk and stupid," Londa said about her leg tattoo. "I wanted to get it removed but it's so big. At least I didn't get one on my forehead." Londa only posed a few times, unfortunately. Read More »
Featuring: Londa Eve
Date: October 3rd, 2023
Duration: 29:57

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1 month ago 

What a hypnotic perfect 10 super cutie pie

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