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She's a Lulu

Featuring: Lulu Devine
Date: April 7th, 2017
Duration: 22:05
Lulu Devine, real-life sister of Toppsy Curvey, was filmed along with her "little" sister in London. They're in a house this time, not the studio. Lulu was a straight-shooting, mature dame and didn't hold back her thoughts, opinions and feelings. She was angry about competing big-tit magazines putting words in her mouth. Even so, Lulu was fine with being directed to masturbate in certain ways and to position her body the way the photographer wanted. "When other magazines talk to me they just start asking these disgusting questions, like, 'So, Lulu, how was your day?' I'll say 'fine' and then the next question is 'How do you like blowjobs?' 'Would you like to give one now?' or 'How much cum do you like in your mouth?' Come on! How much cum do you like in your mouth? "Of course you want part of the magazine to be about sex because we're sex symbols and the magazine is about that. After all, let's not mistake what the purpose of these magazines is. Guys read them to get off! Plain and simple! But the magazines have to realize--and some guys too--that we're people and, just because we're in this type of business, it doesn't mean we're any more sexual or kinky than the next person. Basically we're all animals and everybody likes climaxing and getting off. Everybody treats models and dancers like we're the ones who do weird shit.

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